Chao Shan Kung Fu Tea Brewing Process Instruction
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Chao Shan Kung Fu Tea Brewing Process Instruction

Kung Fu Tea is the tea brewing skills instead of the tea type. In China, Kung Fu tea is regarded as the only traditional and complete tea culture and arts. People in Chao Shan area have the daily habits to drink tea. We say eating tea instead of drinking tea. It is not doubt that tea play the important roles in our daily lives and it is also one of the important parts of our local folk culture and arts as well. Until now, When you visit our area. You would find there is one set of tea brewing tool in each family. Even the people from our area moving to other cities in China or immigrate to other countries, they would remain Kung fu tea. So our Chao Shan people are labeled as "Kung Fu tea".

 Our tea culture concept is “refinement, love, harmony and nobleness”. Refinement represents the tea sets are exquisite and the particular way of making tea. Love represents the kindness and other good merits of the ChaoShan people. Harmony means it could cause harmony atmosphere when having the tea together, after having the Kung Fu tea, the Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong would refreshen yourselves to have the nobility of mind.

How is the Kung Fu Tea brewing process?

Firstly, We would overall introduce each part of our traditional Chinese tea brewing tool for your references:


After checking each part of the tea set(pls kindly check other pages of our tea set,we also write the detailed manual instruction of each part of the tea set for your references),Pls kindly check the Kung Fu Tea brewing process.



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